X-wrap Binding

The X-Wrap is a second-generation kiteboard binding which can be attached to your foot with one hand only.

The gradual layer combination system allows the binding to be easy and comfortable to step-in/out of yet remain supportive. A selection of softer internal EVA increases comfort. Special flex areas and kidneys are used to allow the X-Wrap to adapt to individual feet, and to open up more for an easier entry. A denser, structurally supportive EVA backs the softer inside, on to which pre-shaped PU reinforcements are laid to give strength and support in the most ergonomic fashion. You get more direct board control, more edging ability and more boost.

The final layer is the outer rip-proof contour wrap, built to last in a trimmed, lightweight EVA/Lycra laminate. The contour wrap uses a lace set-up on the front that can be pre-set, allowing a one handed, single action movement to secure your feet: pull the top Velcro strap and your heel locks in, giving a bombproof snowboard freestyle feeling.

An ultra-light base-plate with extra large stiffeners contribute to keep the X-Wrap the lightest binding available.

Sizes M, L, XL.

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