New Air Ride Bar

The Air Ride Bar System is and advancement of the PATENTED Reride system. Our sleek new reride end fittings on our custom aluminum tapered bar are stronger, smaller and lighter than any other. Our new bars are thinner in diameter for comfort, reduced weight and they FLOAT. Airush created knotless stoppers, for ease of adjustment and new bar graphics for quick and easy recognition that differentiates left from right. Our Spectra leaders are thinner and less bulky than others, they float and do not absorb water. All bars include a center hole for easy 4-line conversion.

By simply releasing the bar the kite drops to the water, awaiting relaunch. This is obtained without the use of extra cross lines or bungy that twist, tangle or get in the way. The Air Ride brings new meaning to function and simplicity.

Available in 4 lengths to accommodate any size kite and any riding style.
Lengths: 45cm, 55cm, 65cm, 75cm.

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